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I consider Wayman to be an important voice in our community.  His diverse experiences in leadership and community service speak volumes to his character. He is an accomplished individual, receiving many esteemed accolades while not seeking attention, and is someone respected by those who work with him.

Wayman is a strategic thinker and a man of thoughtful action. He demonstrates this through his leadership style which embodies a collaborative spirit, experience, and proven track record. I consider him a thought partner of mine and sought his counsel and advice from time to time. He is one of many voices represented in the Transformation Plan for the Grand Rapids Public Schools when I was Superintendent of the district. He truly cares about this community. He recognizes the connectedness of the school district with the community. 

Wayman is conscientious and focused. He did a great job ensuring that the priorities of Kent County’s long-term goals were primary, while ensuring its financial position and reputation remains intact. He is a critical thinker. 

Wayman has developed many positive relationships through his connectedness. He is someone that people naturally gravitate toward. His demeanor will put you at ease. He had the experience, knowledge, and proven track record to be a very successful Administrator/Controller for Kent County. He possessed the experience, leadership skills, passion, aptitude, community connections, and political savviness to be successful. He also has many qualities that go beyond his credentials and experience to lead successfully

I am impressed with Wayman's ability to bridge the divide between groups and articulate a compelling path forward that will benefit all. Wayman's background in business coupled with an ability to provide a "voice for the voiceless" while creating a framework for collaboration are among the many reasons that I strongly recommended him for the position of Kent County Administrator/Controller.

Teresa Weatherall

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