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Fulfilling the Dream with Wayman Britt

We are very excited to announce the recent launch of the Fulfilling the Dream Podcast which focuses on individuals who have dared to dream and overcome life’s biggest challenges and disappointments. Each episode draws insights from motivating personal stories that listeners can apply to their daily lives and inspire them to use their own unique gifts and talents to fulfill their own dreams.

Recently on Fulfilling the Dream Podcast

Michael Williams,

Retired President and CEO of Orchards Children's Services

Wayman Britt hosts Michael Williams, discussing Michael's journey from growing up in Flint, Michigan, to becoming the mayor of Albion and his impactful career in health and human services, particularly with Orchard's Children's Services. They reminisce about their shared past, including winning state basketball championships, and explore how upbringing and education shape one's ability to fulfill their potential. Michael emphasizes the importance of asking "why" to deepen understanding and the role of leadership in guiding youth. The conversation also touches on the significance of family, mentorship, and the dedication to serving and improving the community.

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